DISC Assessment Workshop

How can our Success Discovery Plan with DISC assessment + Motivator evaluation help you unlock your true potential?

Behavioral coaches and therapists know that the most self-fulfilled people understand who they are.  They understand both their strengths and their weaknesses.  Through that understanding, they find joy, happiness, and success.

It’s this type of self-awareness that allows you to leverage whatever potential exists in the moment.  It’s this type of self-awareness that makes success inevitable.

The DISC Assessment model is a theory of human behavior.  A DISC profile is not a personality test.  It is a behavioral assessment.  In relation to energy medicine, personality encompasses the outer traits you allow the world to see.  Behavior is more deeply seated in your subconscious and involves drive and motivation.

When combined with the Motivator Evaluation, the DISC Assessment is far more useful to professionals and non-professionals who seek to uncover and alter behavior patterns.

Your DISC profile + Motivator reveals your natural subconscious behavioral motivators and cycles.  It is a comprehensive map that allows you to navigate your own unconscious patterns.  Then make active choices to break those patterns and create change immediately.

Knowing this information about yourself increases your likelihood for better relationships, greater success, and a happier life.

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By taking the DISC Assessment + Motivator Evaluation, you will learn:

  • How you respond to problems and challenges
  • How you influence others to come around to your point of view
  • How you respond to the pace of the environment
  • How you respond to authority:  rules and procedures set by others
  • The attitudes that motivate you the strongest

  • You will gain a clear understanding of your behavior style
  • You will gain better understanding of the differences in others’ behaviors and motivators
  • You will communicate more effectively

DISC Assessment + Motivator Evaluation – Success Discovery Plan Workshop in a Box

This is an independent study style program designed to give you the tools and a foundational knowledge of how to interpret your DISC + Motivator profile so that you can achieve the success you seek.  It includes your personalized DISC + Motivator profile, 13 supplemental videos to walk you through every section, and a workbook designed to help you transform plans into actions.

The Success Discovery Plan is designed to accommodate three types of people:

  1. The very independently driven – has no desire nor a need to work privately with a professional.
  2. The self-sufficient – this person tends to function capably on their own, though they tend to acknowledge and seek limited help as needed.
  3. The person who learns best with a mentor.

The DISC Assessment + Motivator Evaluation

This is a personalized and comprehensive 52-page disc profile dual evaluation of behavioral and motivational styles.

Knowing that the most common trait shown among successful people is self-awareness, this report is an important tool toward reaching your full potential.

  • DISC profile measures observable behavior and emotions
  • Motivators shows the values that drive our behavior and emotion

When our DISC and MOTIVATORS are in alignment, we have personal synergy.  When our DISC and MOTIVATORS are not in alignment, we experience personal conflict or tensions.

What can you do with your DISC + Motivator profile?

With our personalized and comprehensive DISC and Motivators combined report, you have tools to become a better you.  The report is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Part I focuses on understanding each of the DISC styles through identifying characteristics.  This includes the tendencies of each behavioral style.  It also introduces the 7 Motivators that drive our behaviors and the definition of each.
  2. Part II reveals what makes you unique.  You gain greater understanding of your own behavioral tendencies and blend of motivators.
  3. Part III explores adaptability and offers actionable recommendations for you and others who interact with you.  The tools in this section help you use all the information as effectively as possible for immediate results.

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DISC Profile Styles

DISC is a simple, practical, easy to remember and universally applicable model.  It focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors.  It measures the intensity of characteristics using scales of directness and openness for each of the four styles.

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Research shows that most successful people share the common trait of self awareness.  They’re able to more quickly recognize situations that will make them successful.  It’s easier for them to find ways of achieving objectives that resonate and align with their motivations.  

Those who understand their natural motivators better are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, for the right reasons, and get the results they desire.

Motivation helps influence behavior and action.  It is vital for superior performance to ensure that your motivations are satisfied by what you do to drive your passion, reduce fatigue, and inspire you.

How can I benefit by combining the Discover Success Plan with private coaching?

  • Gain clarity
  • Accept personal responsibility
  • Determine your values
  • Identify your major life purpose
  • Determine the most important piece to achieving your goals
  • Set goals in each of life’s quadrants
  • Prioritize and plan a sequence of actions

  • Unlock your full potential
  • Enhance your productivity
  • Simplify your life
  • Tap into your most precious resource
  • Learn personal strategic planning
  • Boost your business and career
  • Improve your family and business life
  • Achieve financial independence
  • Improve your health and fitness
  • Become everything you are capable of
  • Make a difference in your community
  • Enjoy spiritual development and inner peace

Are you ready for the next step with an expert Strategic Intervention Coach?

Request a  a 20 min-complimentary coaching phone consultation with Tess Vergara. A simple conversation today can be the catalyst to your transformation.

Only interested in the Success Discovery Plan without coaching?

Not a problem.  Visit our memberships page and register with a one time fee of $200.  You’ll get the following:

  1. Survey link to take your complete DISC profile assessment (You will receive this via email.  It can take up to 48 hours to receive).
  2. Personalized and comprehensive 50+ page report containing your DISC + Motivators Profile immediately after completing your assessment questions.
  3. 13 Videos facilitated by Awakening Coach and Strategic Interventionist, Tess Vergara
  4. Companion Workbook to maximize your usage of your report.
  5. Life time access to these and any new tools or updates we add to the program.

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