What can a Minneapolis Life Coach, Career Coach, Financial Coach, or Relationship Coach do for you?

When coaching from a place of awakening, a remembrance of your true self, each step of the process is sacred and divinely guided.  Every life coaching program is completely personalized with unlimited support in between weekly sessions.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you happen to be.  We have our power sessions over the phone or a video call.  You don’t just achieve results.  You experience results.  Please visit our calendar to request a 20 min-complimentary coaching consultation.  We can have a conversation.  You can learn more about our unique approach and we can learn more about your challenges and goals.  Together, we can determine if we are a good fit to work together.


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We all need guidance from time to time.  It’s well known that highly focused and successful people regularly seek direction from an experienced professional. It’s how they maintain their forward trajectory.


Minneapolis strategic interventionist



Do you know what makes YOU unique and irreplaceable?  To create powerful professional and personal connections, you need to uncover your strengths and learn how to draw on them to move past your road blocks.


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Even if you know exactly what you want and how you want to get there, it’s helpful to have somebody to keep you on track.  No judging.  No shaming.  Helping you move past paralyzed moments into triumph.


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Stress can wear you down.  It’s time to let go of the worry, the fear, the anxiety.  It’s time to Identify and transform your self doubt.  Peace and security is found within when you switch from tunnel vision to bigger vision.  Release thoughts that no longer serve your highest well being allows you to find that harmony between body, mind, and Spiritual needs.  This is part of the process of self-mastery.


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Life coaches, change makers, light bringers, shadow workers.  When we know our true self and function from wholeness, we naturally let go of non-nurturing habits.  Letting go of these patterns allows you to return to wholeness.  To be guided.  To experience synchronicity.  To elevate into your higher state of consciousness as you honor your own calling.

Here are 6 symptoms you might be experiencing that could suggest you could benefit from life coaching.

1. When your self confidence is low.

Life gives you some very unique challenges. How you experience life, your ability to process and let go of limiting belief systems, traumatic events, and even people who no longer benefit correlates directly to the amount of pain you might be holding. It’s exhausting. It pushes you down even when you think you’ve moved beyond. Those subconscious elements have a way of creeping back up and manifesting in ways you don’t immediately realize. A good life coach will know how to guide you through your pain in a way that helps you truly let go and heal.

2. You have a lack of clear, concise vision.

Sometimes you might have a vision so big, so grand, but you just don’t know how to get there. Other times, you might not have a vision at all. Working with a coach that gets you can help you discover your calling and make the moves to get there in a very strategic way.

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3. You have unhealthy habits or patterns that are hindering your goals.

Sometimes you are absolutely clear about who you want to be and where you want to go. Unfortunately, you continue to make the same decisions that prevent you from achieving your goals. You find yourself stuck in a cycle. Life coaching will help you identify those blocks and break those patterns so that you can reach levels of personal commitment you have never achieved before.

4. You are constantly grouchy or irritable.

Basically what you are doing is living in a state of reaction. This often manifests as road rage, picking fights over things you normally wouldn’t care about, or always going to a place of defensiveness when questioned. Working with an awakening coach can help you move out of living in this constant state of reaction and into a state of clarity and calm.

5. You’re in a significant life transition.

Life transitions might be anything from changing your career, to having your children leave the home, to ending a significant relationship or experiencing a loved one pass. There are so many big events in life. These events, planned or unplanned, can bring up stress, anxiety, uncertainty, or loss of identity. Life coaching is perfect during these life transitions as they can help you move through your next steps feeling fully empowered.

6. You know you have a deeper life purpose but might not be sure what it is.

Fulfillment isn’t just about being successful. It’s not even about healing. Fulfillment is about creating. We all have an innate need to create. What or how we express our creativity comes down to our own sense of self. Life purpose is about finding that expression from which you can honor that part of you that craves this type of fulfillment. To honor who you are on a soul level and create that alignment.

Are you ready to take the Next Step?

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